Dr. Courtney Ridley
I became interested in the Wiley protocol in May 2005 when I heard a CD of a lecture that Susie gave at ACAM.

I was very intrigued and purchased Sex, Lies and Menopause.  After reading the book, it became clear why I had an increasing number of patients who were not doing well on static dosing of replacement therapy.

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Dr. Yun-Ching Chen
I was first introduced to the Wiley protocol in late 2004, when a patient brought in the book, Sex, Lies, and Menopause,shortly after its publication, requesting to be placed on this method of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
Dr. Julie Taguchi
The combination of hormone replacement and cancer, particularly breast cancer, is a seemingly "obvious" medical contradiction.

The Wiley Protocol System For Providers And Pharmacists

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